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Now View All Vines Created Since 2013 With Vine Archive

Just recently Vine app was converted into a curtail camera app, Vine Camera as a cost-cutting measure by Twitter. Now, the users who wish to indulge in nostalgia can see all Vines available on the site since 2013 with the help of company's Vine Archive, which has now gone live instead of its official website.

Vine had previously said that the company will make the previously made Vines available on the website for the users to view. Users can search for the Vines either by the year of upload or by the category they were uploaded to. The categories mentioned on the site include Animals, Art, Comedy, Edits, Music & Dance, among some others.

Users can also choose to browse the Vines through categories Editor's Picks, and Playlists such as "Do It For The Vine", "On Fleek", and others. Users can also search for their favourite Vines/Viners by searching the name of their creator's user name in the community section.

If you're lazy enough to browse through the archive, Twitter itself recently started looping all videos that have duration shorter than 6.5 seconds.

To recall, there were reports that Twitter was considering a sale of the service instead of discontinuation but the company went ahead to announce earlier this month that it will be transforming the app into Vine Camera on January 17.

Source: Vine
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