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Ola Play connected car platform now available for all customers through Prime Play

After delivering two months of exclusive access to Ola Select customers, app-based cab aggregator Ola today announced that it will make its connected car platform Ola Play available to all of its customers. The service will be available via the company's 'Prime Play' category available in the mobile app.

"With Ola Play, our aim is to create an experience that is better than owning a car. In the ridesharing world, both drivers and riders are customers and Play has solved both their needs in a unique manner. The response from our Ola Select customers has been phenomenal and a vast majority of current users requested Prime Play rides for all their travel requirements. While Ola Select customers will continue to be patrons of this platform, we are excited to offer Prime Play for all Ola customers as we continue to transform the ridesharing experience in India," said Ankit Jain, Head of Ola Play, Ola.

The service, which was launched in November last year, was pushed out in partnership with Apple and Qualcomm. Sony LIV provided the video content while Apple provided the music content via its Apple Music streaming service. Chip manufacturer Qualcomm provided all the hardware bits to make the experience possible from the comfort of an Ola Cab. Collaboratively, all of these pitched in to create what is supposed to be the world’s first connected car platform for ride-sharing, called Ola Play.

Opening up 'Prime Play' category for its Select users saw hundreds of thousands of new users opt for the Select subscription, resulting in 3x growth. Beyond offering a highly personal experience for users during their rides, Ola Play now has partnered with Apple Music, Sony LIV, AIB, TVF, Audio Compass and Fynd, to build a high-quality interactive experience for users.

Ola Play comes powered by proprietary in-car and cloud technologies from the company that bring advanced car controls, choice of personalised content and a fully connected interactive experience. Once the ride begins, Ola Play will transfer the in-car experience to users from the Driver Console for a seamless interfacing. Customers will be able to enjoy the experience from their own devices or also opt for the large screen mounted in-car with surround sound systems. The system uses customer destination and other ride information to offer personalised recommendations during the ride.

Source: OLA