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[How To][bleft] My Worst Experience with a "Brand"

Update: Finally received the complete refund today i.e.  December 19th, 2016! It surely was an experience that I'll never forget!

You know the worst decision I ever took was shopping through Yepme for a pair of shoes. For the last 3 months I've followed up on my Refund but the reply I get is "Sir we would request you to allow us 72 hours we will sort it on utmost priority."

So here's the complete experience I've gone through:

Day 1 (Sept 11): I take the unfortunate decision to buy a pair of formal shoes from Yepme

Day 5 (Sept 16): I receive the product in its worst packaging ever. Open it and find a pair of torn shoes. Try to register a complaint through the website, but the refund page doesn't work. Tweet out to Yepme regarding the issue. 
Day 6 (Sept 17): Yepme asks me to share my Order ID and generates the complaint number "2809748" and also forwards a request for reverse pickup.

Day 11 (Sept 22): Yepme closes my complaint without my consent. I also haven't received any details regarding the reverse pickup.
Day 12 (Sept 23): After I tweet out the product is picked up.

Then I lost count of the number of days....

Oct 22: Still haven't received my refund. Contact them.

Oct 23: They tell me that it'll be sorted in 24 hours.

Oct 27: My refund still isn't received.

Nov 3: Still no refund received. I contact them, they tell me they need more time.

Nov 23: I tell them I'll, unfortunately, need to report the issue to the consumer court. They tell me they'll sort it out in 48 hrs.

Nov 29: Still no update. They tell me that the refund is delayed due to "unavoidable" reasons and suggest to take the refund in form of coupon. I agree.

Dec 7: Still no update.I DM them. They don't reply

Dec 13: Still no update. I DM them again. They again request for 72 hours to sort it out.

Dec 14: Finally receive an INR 299 coupon as a refund. So these guys expect me to buy again from their so-called "brand" and expect me to suffer more! I've written to them for providing the refund through the mode of payment I used so at least I could spend it on brands that actually care about its customers.

Dec 19: Received a refund back through my mode of payment!

I have no idea on what kind of people run this brand? It has now been over 3 months since I requested the refund and every contact to Yepme customer care yields a single response: "please wait for a couple of days we'll get it sorted."

Save yourself this trouble at the hands of an e-commerce website that does not even understand what 'customer service' means!

This is my worst experience with any e-commerce site, I may never shop from Yepme again and I also suggest you'll to not shop from this site. And save yourself from this maddening experience!

Also, do raise your voice against brands! You could be an inspiration to people who suffer!